About Us


      At Trendy LED Products we love a variety of LED items. We noticed, there's nowhere to go an shop that offers a varied selection of LED items to choose from, in one place.

 Trendy LED Products was designed to offer the world some amazing LED items most people aren't familiar with. We began to realize our products offer a extra layer of safety to our customers lives!

  We are extremely happy that our LED products have helped tons of families feel a new level of comfort knowing their pets are safer than ever at night, while wearing the LED dog collar and leash. We receive tons of pictures from customers wearing our LED mask. Now that almost everyone has to wear a mask everywhere, where excited we can provide the world with an a amazing variety of LED mask to make the experience of having to wear a mask every day an enjoyable experience.

  We have a lot more LED products we will be adding to our website. Our top priority will always be to offer the best prices to our customers! We offer 24 hours support feel free to contact us anytime. Please follow us on social media to see our amazing products come to life. We're also glad to say portion of our revenue goes to The Organization For Autism Research.